Mason Ascends

It's not often that people's professions correlate with their passions, but mine are one in the same.

About Mason Ascends

I’m Mason, and while I’m not a native, I’ve been in Boise for the last 16 years on and off, plus I married a native, so that gives me some street cred. I have a lot of different titles: yoga instructor, bike tech, gaper skier, moderate climber, cycle tourer, and strange beardy giant. I enjoy pretty much any activity that brings that sense of adventure, freedom, and exploration.

I do a lot of activities, but biking was my gateway drug; I still remember the day that the older kid in the apartment complex took off my training wheels. Biking was the first taste of freedom I experienced, and from then on I was addicted. In my early 20’s  I found myself on a 9,000 mile bike tour. That experience changed the entire trajectory of my life; when you spend 10 hours a day riding, and 2 hours stretching, you find a lot of time to search your soul and discover what’s important. That year and half long trip is what lead me to become a bike tech, and a yoga instructor.

It’s not often that people’s professions correlate with their passions, but mine are one in the same.  Whilst on that journey I faced a near death experience which showed me the value and fragility of life. This realization encouraged me to devote my life to “the experience.” The experience I am referring to is the act of being present and vulnerable. Often we find ourselves being clouded with distractions in our daily lives, but I find that I can be truly present and vulnerable when out on an adventure in the great unknown. Whether it be on the crag, on a single track, in the heart of the forest, on the top of a mountain, or on a mat in a well conditioned studio; self exploration is my practice.

Many of my journeys in the past have been spent alone but now I am joined by my lovely wife @torrrrrence (that’s 5 r’s) and our monsters, Barry and Kai! If you’d like to follow any of our journeys, follow us on Instagram:  @M.Ascends.