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Dan Lenaghan

About Dan Lenaghan

Hi all, I’m Daniel – call me Dan if you like, I’m not too particular. I moved to Boise about 3 years ago looking for a low key place to be close to nature, ride some singletrack and get out into the hills with my pup. I’m equally low key on my outdoor activities – I love #partypace biking on obsolete 26” rim brake wheels, hiking with the dogs, and am a snowboarder at heart looking to try splitboarding when the snow’s back, and if I can push myself to it, the Smoke n Fire in September. My background is teaching ESL which brought me to Korea for almost ten years and I’ve been selling and wrenching on bikes since I came back to the US in early 2016. I’m stoked to be on board at Gear Collective and am looking forward to trail beer in high summer.