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Abby Dow

About Abby Dow

Hey everyone! My name is Abigail. Most people call me Abby or Abs. Skiing, backpacking, biking, running, and traveling are my passions and a significant part of who I am. Any time I get to spend adventuring outdoors is an amazing gift that I am grateful for every day.

I spent the first half of my twenties rather nomadically. I studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand, travelled to 23 countries, backpacked in Europe and North Africa, and ski-instructed in Breckenridge, CO. While I was in Morocco, I started dating my college crush who was living in the Atlas Mountains at the time. A few years later, we landed in Boise. It feels like home, so we decided to stay a while.  

I have been with BGC since January 2021. Our team is rad and I thoroughly enjoy the days at work (All Rad Days!). I love working in a laid-back atmosphere, being inspired and surrounded by awesome people and sweet gear, and living an adventurous lifestyle. Look good, have fun, safety third!