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Our Team

Meet the best shop crew in Boise

Meet Our Team

Tyson Stellrecht

Owner / President

My name is Tyson and I am the creator of the awesomeness called Boise Gear Collective. It’s my baby. I started it with my blood, sweat, tears and the few dollars I was able to scrape together. No partners. No investors. Just me. I work my ass off to make Boise Gear Collective the best…

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Trevor Thornton

I’m Trevor and I’m basically from Idaho. I’ve lived in Boise for 19 years now, which is a long enough for it to count by my reckoning. I’ve been an avid outdoor recreationalist my whole life, with constantly shifting interests, mostly mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, although lately bikepacking is about all I…

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Max Russell

Hey I’m Max and I do most of the training and outreach here at good ol’ BGC. My wife Emily and I moved to Idaho so she could attend Idaho State University for their Physician Assistant program. She’s an ultra slayer and my favorite human. My love for the great outdoors began with family camping…

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Nic Krake

What’s up YouTube, it’s yer boi Nic. I’m out here just tryna live my best life skating, biking, and just all around living for the “SOFT TIMES.” My truest love exists in only two places, in the mountains on dirt roads and on the concrete at the skatepark. These two places provide me with a…

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Abe Traven

Abe is the longest standing employee at Boise Gear Collective and the resident gear expert. In addition, he is responsible for all the funny tags in the shop (but not the un-funny ones). He loves vintage and retro clothing and gear, and collects cool hats and Pendleton shirts (which he luckily finds in the store…

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Chris Thornton

Chris does it all. Climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, skiing, you name it. Being in Boise since he was a wee lad, he loves this city and all the opportunities it gives him to get outside and get rad. Known infamously for his ultra-huck this last ski season, Chris’ complete disregard for gear maintenance and self-preservation…

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Tyson Henderson

Whats up, my names Tyson. I’m from Seattle but moved to Boise when I was just a wee lad. I graduated a couple years ago from Sage International High (yes the ultra hippie high school). Anyway my main love is Surfing and Snowboarding and the gear involved in each sport. I’m currently studying Outdoor Product…

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Ty Uberuaga

Meh, Im the elder of the shop BUT yet quite the most immature and I’m content with that. Born in Idaho but lived all over the west coast and Europe. Kind of done it all, surfed in Oregon, Washington, Holland and Spain. Been an emt/paramedic, ski patrol, ski bum, single speed rigid rider and all…

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Connor Garrison

Hey y’all! I was born and raised in the small town of Sedro-Woolley, Washington. I have been living in Boise for the last three years and am absolutely loving it!. Although I may be an out-of-towner, I feel like I should be a true OG Idahoan. Throughout college I played baseball and received my bachelor’s…

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Madison Simboli

Hi! I’m Madison, Boise Gear Co’s resident Canadian. Little known fact about how Canadian babies are born is that we are cut out of the ice below frozen lakes, which is usually several meters thick. We are then put on our birth right skates and play a full game of hockey before our parents can…

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Taylor Arave

I was born in Boise, and I have lived here my whole life. I have loved doing anything outdoors since I can remember, but I am mostly into mountain biking. I race enduro, cross country, and downhill, but I also play basketball for my school. I am big on waterskiing too, from wakeboarding, to slalom…

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Magnus Bush

I’m Magnus, Californian invading your state, where I raced road and mountain bikes for the better part of 7 years. I go to BSU where I am a sophomore studying business. I get out when I can and am always interested in new places and activities.

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Ian McBride

My name’s Ian McBride and I was born and raised right here in good ol’ Boise, Idaho. Life has been good for me here. When the weather is warm, I spend my days rock climbing and swimming around town. But when the air chills up and my knuckles freeze I travel north into the mountains…

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