Snow is coming! We are ready for winter items!

We are now in full on winter gear gathering mode.  We are ready for it all! Bring everything you want to part with and we’ll get in on the sales floor ASAP.  

Skis (Alpine, XC, AT), snowboards, poles, boots for all winter sports, snowshoes, ski jackets, fleece, base layers, ski helmets, goggles, winter ski backpacks, avalanche safety equipment (beacons, shovels, probes), hats, and gloves.

We run a seasonal consignment period, so the sooner you bring in your winter items for consignment, the longer they have to sell.  If you bring us skis in October, they have all the way until April to sell and they will be here for the extremely busy November and December shopping season.  If you bring us skis in January or February, they only have until April to sell and you will have missed the major winter stock up season. Make sense? Early bird gets the sale!